Social Media Share Buttons are the best choice for WordPress based websites or blogs.

You can share your posts, pictures and videos on social networks.

Frequently Asked Questions


In order to install pro version of the plugin, simply follow these steps: delete your free version > install the zip file | Plugins > add new > upload plugin > clean your cache files (ctrl+f5).Don’t be afraid to delete free version, because you will NOT lose your created portfolios.
Which image share buttons will share depends on the configurations of the page. 'Social Medial Share Buttons' always shares yout current position.
If you made purchase of FNY-WebIT Social Media Share Buttons and didn’t get the file, or file was corrupted, contact us by [fnywebit@gmail.com][info@fny-webit.com] and send “order number”, we will check and send you the zip file of 'Social Media Share Buttons' as soon as possible.
Pro users can get updated versions of FNY-WebIT Social Media Share Buttons contacting us by [fnywebit@gmail.com][info@fny-webit.com].Free version users will find update notification in their WordPress admin panel.
This can happen because of your browser’s cache files. Press ctrl+f5 (Chrome, FF) in order to clean them, if you use safari, etc., clean from browser settings.
All kind of changes made in free version of Share Buttons will remain, even if you delete the Share Buttons plugin.
If you have any pro version of 'Social Media Share Buttons' and want to upgrade it, you do not need to buy the new one again, you only need to pay the price difference. For example, if you have FNY-WebIT Social Media Share Buttons' Personal version and need to upgrade to FNY-WebIT Social Media Share Buttons' Multi Site, just buy one more personal, and contact us by [fnywebit@gmail.com][info@fny-webit.com], send the receipt and we will send Multi Site version, from Multi Site to Developer, just buy one personal, and ask us for FNY-WebIT Social Media Share Button Developer version.
After installation of the Share Buttons PRO version, all your changes will be saved in General Options! If you still see "free version" notification after installation of Share Buttons PRO version. 1) try to clean your cache files if this will not help. 2) delete, and install the plugin again.
If you think, that you found a bug in our [WordPress Social Media Share Buttons](https://fny-webit.com/) plugin or have any question contact us at [fnywebit@gmail.com][info@fny-webit.com].